Press Release

AVMATS Adds APEX Window Modification to Sabreliner Capabilities

Sept. 15, 2008

AVMATS is proud to announce the APEX window modification program for the Sabreliner 40/60/65 aircraft. This modification will save money and time while reducing pilot health risk. Due to the increased cost and failure rates of the Sabreliner aircraft eyebrow and breadbox windows, AVMATS has developed a form fit function aluminum replacement. This modification provides the following benefits:

Eliminates risk of eyebrow/breadbox window failure
Eliminates recurring maintenance for eyebrow/breadbox window replacement
Eliminates downtime due to eyebrow/breadbox window failure
Reduces overall operating cost
Improves exterior appearance of aircraft
Reduces pilot exposure to harmful UV rays
Reduces pilot fatigue
Improves cooling for cockpit
Reduces cockpit glare
Reduces cockpit noise with Skandia Aerocoustic materials

For more information about AVMATS please visit our website at or call us at (636) 532-2674.